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TronBot Project

The idea of TronBot Project has been started based on a financial platform. This platform is working on Tron smart contract network. Definition of the project: TronBot is a smart contract which can provide a financial freedom for its users and continues its function and permanence collectively by the users. In TronBot every user is considered as company partner and will be part of the income system. Nobody can stop the TronBot unless all the users stop showing interest on it. Moreover, in this platform you will be able to accompany our collective goals, receive shares and expand your company by introducing it to others. TronBot project is just the starting point and this platform can be run and continue functioning by various online games, under the smart contract network of Tron. TronBot, as an integrated project, intends to expand its online gaming platform on mobile networks so that the users can compete together online and gaining income form the games under the Tron smart contract for the first time. Together with expansion of online Gaming, this project also intends to unveil its central Token. We want to make our user as our partner by collecting special tokens in our different platforms. By gaining out token, you can grow your income and have more share on the TronBot project.

Our Vision

In TronBot Project we intend to create the pleasure of collective income and collective growth for all the users and developers of this system in different economic, online gaming, and smart decentralized money exchange sections. In addition, to make TronBot as the first online Gaming platform under the Tron smart contract so that everyone can gain income by online Gaming.